Class OverlappingCommunityDetectionAlgorithm

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class OverlappingCommunityDetectionAlgorithm : public NetworKit::Algorithm

Abstract base class for overlapping community detection/graph clustering algorithms.

Subclassed by NetworKit::LFM

Public Functions

OverlappingCommunityDetectionAlgorithm(const Graph &G)

An overlapping community detection algorithm operates on a graph, so the constructor expects a graph.


G[in] input graph

~OverlappingCommunityDetectionAlgorithm() override = default

Default destructor

virtual void run() override = 0

Apply algorithm to graph

const Cover &getCover() const

Returns the result of the run method or throws an error, if the algorithm hasn’t run yet.


cover of the node set

Protected Attributes

const Graph *G
Cover result