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class LFM : public NetworKit::OverlappingCommunityDetectionAlgorithm

This is the local community expansion algorithm as introduced in:

Lancichinetti, A., Fortunato, S., & Kertész, J. (2009). Detecting the overlapping and hierarchical community structure in complex networks. New Journal of Physics, 11(3), 033015.

The LFM algorithm detects overlapping communities by repeatedly executing a given SelectiveCommunityDetector algorithm for different random seed nodes which have not yet been assigned to any community. While this implementation allows the use of any local community detection algorithm, the behavior of the original algorithm can be achieved using the LFMLocal local community detection algorithm.

Public Functions

LFM(const Graph &G, SelectiveCommunityDetector &scd)
  • G – Input graph

  • scd – The algorithm that is used to expand the random seed nodes to communities

virtual void run() override

Detect communities

Protected Attributes

SelectiveCommunityDetector *scd