NetworKit is maintained by the Research Group Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems of the Institute of Computer Science at the Humboldt-University of Berlin. It was seeded by the project Parallel analysis of dynamic networks – Algorithm engineering of efficient combinatorial and numerical methods, for which we acknowledge financial support by MWK Baden-Württemberg. In this project Henning Meyerhenke was the principal investigator and Christian L. Staudt was the main PhD student. Since NetworKit’s start in 2013, it has grown well beyond the original MWK project and our group, with contributors and users from all over the world.


  • Eugenio Angriman
  • Alexander van der Grinten
  • Henning Meyerhenke

Past Maintainers

  • Christian L. Staudt
  • Elisabetta Bergamini
  • Kolja Esders
  • Maximilian Vogel


  • Lukas Barth
  • Miriam Beddig
  • Stefan Bertsch
  • Pratistha Bhattarai
  • Andreas Bilke
  • Simon Bischof
  • Guido Brückner
  • Mark Erb
  • Patrick Flick
  • Michael Hamann
  • Lukas Hartmann
  • Daniel Hoske
  • Gerd Lindner
  • Moritz v. Looz
  • Sarah Lutteropp
  • Yassine Marrakchi
  • Marc Nemes
  • Franz-Benjamin Mocnik
  • Mustafa Özdayi
  • Manuel Penschuck
  • Marvin Pogoda
  • Marcel Radermacher
  • Klara Reichard
  • Matteo Riondato
  • Marvin Ritter
  • Aleksejs Sazonovs
  • Arie Slobbe
  • Hung Tran
  • Florian Weber
  • Michael Wegner
  • Jörg Weisbarth
  • David Weiss

External Code

The program source includes:

  • the [The Lean Mean C++ Option Parser][optparse] by Matthias S. Benkmann
  • the [TTMath] bignum library by Tomasz Sowa

[mitlicense]: [optparse]: [ttmath]:


The source code of this program is released under the [MIT License][mitlicense]. We ask you to cite us if you use this code in your project (c.f. the publications section below and especially the [technical report]( Feedback is also welcome.