Struct LocalCommunity::CommunityInfo

Nested Relationships

This struct is a nested type of Template Class LocalCommunity.

Struct Documentation

struct CommunityInfo

Public Functions

inline int64_t boundaryChange() const

Calculate how much the boundary size would change if the node was removed from the community.

inline CommunityInfo()

Public Members

OptionalValue<double, AllowRemoval> intDeg

Number of neighbors in the community.

OptionalValue<double, ShellMaintainsExtDeg && AllowRemoval> extDeg

Number of neighbors outside the community.

OptionalValue<node, MaintainBoundary && AllowRemoval> exclusiveOutsideNeighbor

The only neighbor outside the community if there is only one.

OptionalValue<count, MaintainBoundary && AllowRemoval> numFullyInternalNeighbors

The number of neighbors that have no internal neighbors.