Class Sfigality

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class Sfigality : public NetworKit::Centrality

The sfigality of a node is the ratio of neighboring nodes that have a higher degree than the node itself.

Public Functions

Sfigality(const Graph &G)

Constructs the Sfigality class for the given Graph G. Sfigality is a new type of node centrality measures that is high if neighboring nodes have a higher degree, e.g. in social networks, if your friends have more friends than you. Formally:

$$\sigma(u) = \frac{| \{ v: \{u,v\} \in E, deg(u) < deg(v) \} |}{ deg(u) }$$


G – The graph.

virtual void run() override

Computes centrality scores on the graph passed in constructor.

virtual double maximum() override

Returns the node that has the most neighbours with a higher degree than itself (max Sfigality).