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template<typename InType>
class LocalFilterScore : public NetworKit::EdgeScore<double>

Local filtering edge scoring. Edges with high score are more important.

Edges are ranked locally, the top d^e (logarithmic, default) or 1+e*(d-1) edges (non-logarithmic) are kept. For equal attribute values, neighbors of low degree are preferred.

Public Functions

inline LocalFilterScore(const Graph &G, const std::vector<InType> &attribute, bool logarithmic = true)

Initialize the local edge filtering score.

  • G – The graph for which the score shall be.

  • attribute – The input attribute according to which the edges shall be filtered locally.

  • logarithmic – If the score shall be logarithmic in the rank (then d^e edges are kept). Linear otherwise.

inline virtual void run() override

Execute the algorithm.

inline virtual double score(node u, node v) override

Get the edge score of the given edge.

inline virtual double score(edgeid eid) override

Get the edge score of the edge with the given edge id.