Class LocalCommunityEvaluation

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class LocalCommunityEvaluation : public NetworKit::Algorithm

Virtual base class of all evaluation methods for a single clustering which is based on the evaluation of single clusters. This is the base class both for Partitions as well as for Covers.

Subclassed by NetworKit::LocalCoverEvaluation, NetworKit::LocalPartitionEvaluation

Public Functions

~LocalCommunityEvaluation() override = default

Default destructor for the virtual base class

inline double getWeightedAverage() const

Get the average value weighted by cluster size.


The weighted average value.

inline double getUnweightedAverage() const

Get the (unweighted) average value of all clusters.


The unweighted average value.

inline double getMaximumValue() const

Get the maximum value of all clusters.


The maximum value.

inline double getMinimumValue() const

Get the minimum value of all clusters.


The minimum value.

inline double getValue(index i) const

Get the value of the specified cluster.


i – The cluster to get the value for.


The value of cluster i.

inline std::vector<double> getValues() const

Get the values of all clusters.


The values of all clusters.

virtual bool isSmallBetter() const = 0

If small values are better (otherwise large values are better).


If small values are better.

Protected Attributes

double weightedAverage
double unweightedAverage
double maximumValue
double minimumValue
std::vector<double> values