Class HyperbolicGenerator

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class HyperbolicGenerator : public NetworKit::StaticGraphGenerator

Public Functions

HyperbolicGenerator(count n = 10000, double avgDegree = 6, double exp = 3, double T = 0)
  • n[in] Number of nodes

  • k[in] Target average degree

  • exp[in] Target exponent of power-law distribution

  • T[in] Temperature

Graph generate(const vector<double> &angles, const vector<double> &radii, double R, double T = 0)
  • angles[in] Pointer to angles of node positions

  • radii[in] Pointer to radii of node positions

  • r[in] radius of poincare disk to place nodes in

  • thresholdDistance[in] Edges are added for nodes closer to each other than this threshold


Graph to be generated according to parameters

Graph generateCold(const vector<double> &angles, const vector<double> &radii, double R)
virtual Graph generate() override

Graph to be generated according to parameters specified in constructor.

inline void setLeafCapacity(count capacity)

Set the capacity of a quadtree leaf.


capacity – Tuning parameter, default value is 1000

inline void setTheoreticalSplit(bool split)

When using a theoretically optimal split, the quadtree will be flatter, but running time usually longer.


split – Whether to use the theoretically optimal split. Defaults to false

inline void setBalance(double balance)
inline vector<double> getElapsedMilliseconds() const