Class Graph::NodeIterator

Nested Relationships

This class is a nested type of Class Graph.

Class Documentation

class NodeIterator

Class to iterate over the nodes of a graph.

Public Types

using value_type = node
using reference = value_type&
using pointer = value_type*
using iterator_category = std::forward_iterator_tag
using difference_type = ptrdiff_t
using self = NodeIterator

Public Functions

inline NodeIterator(const Graph *G, node u)
inline NodeIterator()

WARNING: This constructor is required for Python and should not be used as the iterator is not initialized.

~NodeIterator() = default
inline NodeIterator &operator++()
inline NodeIterator operator++(int)
inline NodeIterator operator--()
inline NodeIterator operator--(int)
inline bool operator==(const NodeIterator &rhs) const noexcept
inline bool operator!=(const NodeIterator &rhs) const noexcept
inline node operator*() const noexcept