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class GCE : public NetworKit::SelectiveCommunityDetector

The Greedy Community Expansion algorithm.

Greedily adds nodes from the shell to improve community quality.

Public Functions

GCE(const Graph &g, std::string objective)
virtual std::set<node> expandOneCommunity(const std::set<node> &seeds) override
  • seeds[in] seed nodes

  • community[out] as a set of nodes

std::set<node> expandOneCommunity(node seed)

Detect a community for the given seed node.

The default implementation calls expandOneCommunity(const std::set<node>&) with a set of one node.


seed – The seed to find the community for.


The found community as set of node.

std::set<node> expandOneCommunity(const std::set<node> &seeds) = 0

Detect a single community for the given seed nodes.

This is useful if you know multiple nodes that should be part of the community. This method may throw an exception if the particular algorithm does not support multiple seeds.


seeds – The seeds for the community.


The found community as set of nodes.