Class EpidemicSimulationSEIR

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class EpidemicSimulationSEIR : public NetworKit::Algorithm

Node centrality index which ranks nodes by their degree. Optional normalization by maximum degree.

Public Functions

EpidemicSimulationSEIR(const Graph &G, count tMax, double transP, count eTime, count iTime, node zero)

Simulates an epidemic spread using the Susceptible-Exposed-Infectious-Removed (SEIR) model.

  • G – The network.

  • tMax – Max. number of timesteps.

  • transP – Transmission probability.

  • eTime – Exposed time.

  • iTime – Infectious time.

  • zero – Starting node.

virtual void run() override

The generic run method which calls runImpl() and takes care of setting hasRun to the appropriate value.

const std::vector<std::vector<count>> &getData() const

Returns the data from the simulation (only valid after run() was called).


Vector of vectors, containing “zero”, “time”, “state” and “count” values for each node.