Class DynamicPubWebGenerator

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Base Type

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class DynamicPubWebGenerator : public NetworKit::DynamicGraphGenerator

Public Functions

DynamicPubWebGenerator(count numNodes, count numberOfDenseAreas, coordinate neighborhoodRadius, count maxNumberOfNeighbors, bool writeInitialGraphToStream = true)
inline Graph getGraph() const
virtual std::vector<GraphEvent> generate(count nSteps) override

Generate event stream.


nSteps[in] number of time steps in the event stream

inline const std::vector<std::pair<node, Point2D>> &getNewCoordinates() const

Returns a map of coordinates that were updated.

inline std::vector<std::pair<node, Point2D>> moveNewCoordinates()
inline const std::vector<Point2D> &getCoordinates() const

Returns a vector of the currently valid coordinates.