Class DynamicNMIDistance

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class DynamicNMIDistance : public NetworKit::DissimilarityMeasure

Public Functions

virtual double getDissimilarity(const Graph &newGraph, const Partition &oldClustering, const Partition &newClustering) override

Computes NMI between two clusterings that belong to two different graphs. newGraph has evolved from oldGraph, which is only given implicitly via oldClustering. NMI is only applied to nodes that belong to the intersection of oldGraph and newGraph. Nodes of oldGraph not existing in @newGraph are marked by the entry none in newClustering.

void combineValues(double H_sum, double MI, double &NMI, double &NMID) const
void sanityCheck(double &NMI, double &NMID) const
double entropy(const Partition &clustering, count n, std::vector<double> probs)
bool isInBoth(node u, const Partition &oldClustering, const Partition &newClustering)
Matrix confusionMatrix(const Graph &G, const Partition &zeta, const Partition &eta)