Class DynamicForestFireGenerator

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class DynamicForestFireGenerator : public NetworKit::DynamicGraphGenerator

The Forest Fire generative model produces dynamic graphs with the following properties:

  • heavy tailed degree distribution

  • communities

  • densification power law

  • shrinking diameter

see Leskovec, Kleinberg, Faloutsos: Graphs over Tim: Densification Laws, Shringking Diameters and Possible Explanations

Public Functions

DynamicForestFireGenerator(double p, bool directed, double r = 1.0)
  • p – “forward burning probability”, controls the amount of forward connections burned by each new node

  • directed – whether the generated graph is directed or undirected

  • r – scales down the burning probability for backward connections (ignored for undirected graphs)

virtual std::vector<GraphEvent> generate(count nSteps) override

Generate event stream.


nSteps[in] number of time steps in the event stream