Class DynPrunedLandmarkLabeling

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class DynPrunedLandmarkLabeling : public NetworKit::PrunedLandmarkLabeling, public NetworKit::DynAlgorithm

Dynamic pruned landmark labeling.

Public Functions

inline DynPrunedLandmarkLabeling(const Graph &G)

Dynamic Pruned Landmark Labeling algorithm based on the paper “Fully Dynamic 2-Hop Cover

Labeling “ from D’Angelo et al., ACM JEA 2019. The algorithm computes distance labels by performing pruned breadth-first searches from each vertex. Distance labels can be updated efficiently after edge insertions.


this algorithm ignores edge weights and only supports edge insertions.


G – The input graph.

~DynPrunedLandmarkLabeling() override = default
virtual void update(GraphEvent e) override

Updates the distance labels after an edge insertion on the graph.


supports only edge insertions.


e – The edge insertion.

inline virtual void updateBatch(const std::vector<GraphEvent>&) override

Not implemented. The algorithm does not support batch updates.


This function is not implemented.