Template Class GlobalTradeSequence

Class Documentation

template<typename Hash>
class GlobalTradeSequence

Handles a sequence of num_global_trades hash functions each with its own set of parameters. It prominently exposes the “current” hash function and its successors. Switching the current hash function is possible with using the switch_to_round method.

hash, invert access the “current” hash function hash_next accesses the successor of “current” which is the identity if there are no further hash functions

Template Parameters:

Default – constructable, copy-able, requires methods sample_parameters, set_as_identity, hash and (optinally) invert

Public Types

using value_type = typename Hash::value_type

Public Functions

inline GlobalTradeSequence(node num_nodes, size_t num_global_trades, std::mt19937_64 &prng)
inline void switchToRound(size_t round)
inline value_type hash(node u) const
inline node invert(value_type u) const
inline value_type hashNext(node u) const
inline size_t numberOfRounds() const