Class CoverHubDominance

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class CoverHubDominance : public NetworKit::LocalCoverEvaluation

A quality measure that measures the dominance of hubs in clusters. The hub dominance of a single cluster is defined as the maximum cluster-internal degree of a node in that cluster divided by the maximum cluster-internal degree, i.e. the number of nodes in the cluster minus one. The value for all clusters is defined as the average of all clusters. This implementation is a natural generalization of this measure for covers. Strictly speaking this is not a quality measure as this is rather dependent on the type of the considered graph, for more information see Lancichinetti A, Kivel M, Saramki J, Fortunato S (2010) Characterizing the Community Structure of Complex Networks PLoS ONE 5(8): e11976. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0011976

Public Functions

virtual void run() override

Execute the algorithm. The algorithm is not parallel.

inline virtual bool isSmallBetter() const override

false - smaller is not better, larger values indicate better cluster cohesion.

LocalCoverEvaluation(const Graph &G, const Cover &C)

Initialize the cover evaluation method.

  • G – The graph on which the evaluation shall be performed

  • C – The cover that shall be evaluated.