Class ClusteringProjector

Class Documentation

class ClusteringProjector

Public Functions

virtual Partition projectBack(const Graph &Gcoarse, const Graph &Gfine, const std::vector<node> &fineToCoarse, const Partition &zetaCoarse)


, project the clustering back to the fine graph to create a clustering of the fine graph.

  • Gcoarse[in]

  • Gfine[in]

  • fineToCoarse[in]

  • zetaCoarse[in] a clustering of the coarse graph

  • a[out] clustering of the fine graph

virtual Partition projectBackToFinest(const Partition &zetaCoarse, const std::vector<std::vector<node>> &maps, const Graph &Gfinest)

Project a clustering \zeta^{i} of the coarse graph G^{i} back to the finest graph G^{0}, using the hierarchy of fine->coarse maps

virtual Partition projectCoarseGraphToFinestClustering(const Graph &Gcoarse, const Graph &Gfinest, const std::vector<std::vector<node>> &maps)

Assuming that the coarse graph resulted from contracting and represents a clustering of the finest graph

  • Gcoarse[in] coarse graph

  • Gfinest[in] finest graph

  • maps[in] hierarchy of maps M^{i->i+1} mapping nodes in finer graph to supernodes in coarser graph