Class BinaryEdgeListPartitionWriter

Class Documentation

class BinaryEdgeListPartitionWriter

Writes a partition to a file that contains a binary list of pairs (node, partition(node)). All integers are unsigned integers.

Public Functions

BinaryEdgeListPartitionWriter(node firstNode = 0, uint8_t width = 4)

Constructs the BinaryEdgeListPartitionWriter class with firstNode as the id of the first node (i.e., this value is added to all node ids before writing) using unsigned integers with the given width.

  • firstNode[in] The id of node 0, all other node ids are adjusted accordingly.

  • width[in] The width of the written integers (supported values: 4, 8).

void write(Partition &zeta, const std::string &path) const

Write the given partition zeta to the given path.

  • zeta[in] The partition to write.

  • path[in] The path to write to.