Class BinaryEdgeListPartitionReader

Class Documentation

class BinaryEdgeListPartitionReader

Reads a partition file that contains a binary list of pairs (node, partition(node)). It is assumed that all integers are unsigned.

Public Functions

BinaryEdgeListPartitionReader(node firstNode = 0, uint8_t width = 4)

Constructs the BinaryEdgeListPartitionReader class with firstNode as the id of the node that shall become node 0 and width the width of the integers read.

  • firstNode[in] Index of the first node in the file.

  • width[in] The width of the read integers (supported values: 4, 8)

Partition read(const std::string &path)

Read a partition from a file. File format: binary list of pairs (node, partition(node)) Partition ids must be in the range [0, max(uint64_t)).


path[in] Path to file or to several files (which are read in order).


The partition contained in the file at path.

Partition read(const std::vector<std::string> &paths)

Public Members

node firstNode
uint8_t width