Class ApproxGroupBetweenness

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Base Type

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class ApproxGroupBetweenness : public NetworKit::Algorithm

Public Functions

ApproxGroupBetweenness(const Graph &G, count groupSize, double epsilon)

Constructs the ApproxGroupBetweenness class for a given undirected graph G.


groupSize – Size of the set of nodes. @aram epsilon Determines the accuracy of the approximation.

virtual void run() override

Approximately computes a set of nodes with maximum groupbetweenness. Based on the algorithm of Mahmoody,Tsourakakis and Upfal.

inline std::vector<node> groupMaxBetweenness() const

Returns a vector of nodes containing the set of nodes with approximated maximum group betweenness.

inline double scoreOfGroup(const std::vector<node> &S, bool normalized = false) const

Returns the score of the given set.

Protected Attributes

const Graph &G
count n
std::vector<node> maxGroup
const count groupSize
const double epsilon